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instantrails is the fast track deployment and running of ruby and rails platform

-installing and configuring instantrails

Boot windows, login as Administrator.

visit and download the latest zip utility

Run the exe and it installs a useful tool. Extracting through other tools is known to have some bugs with end results.

Now get InstantRails from

Click on Download the latest, save the zip file on disk.

Right click on the zip file, select "7-zip", and

"Extract to InstantRails-2.0-win" directory (or a simple name like InstantRails, or Rails, but remember the dir name!)

Open Windows-Explorer. Go to


Edit the file "hosts". If this file is protected, rightclick, pick "properties" and change the permission. Then rightclick again on the filename and open with NotePad.

Add the the line to that file at the end- typo (typo is the name we will use for a test website).

You can also edit the above "hosts" file through Rails but if you run into permission problems you need to follow my method shown above.

[You can also add the ones below to prevent flashy ads thrown on your browser by yahoo and other advertisement servers, but this is not part of the Rails course! You can use it in your home machine but remember to adjust the output from your local webserver to something nice to replace the flashy ads]
Go to

Follow the "pick a mirror" link, select any of the "FTP" links and download mysqladmin GUI tool.

It is a windows installer file (.msi extension). Click on it and install it.

Note: you can access the mysql data server through

(a) phpmyadmin (b) mysqladmin (c) through regular programs

Go to C:\InstantRails-2.0-win (or other directory installed for Rails)

Locate "InstantRails.exe" and Run it! It will start a Rails Manager.

It will show "Apache Started". If "MySql" shows as "Pending", click on MySql and "Kill" the process. It will restart.

Now Ruby, Rails, MySql and related servers are running.

RightClick on Taskbar, start "Task Manager" and see at least three processes running-
InstantRails, MySql, Apache (2 or more Apaches).

Lets Recap

InstantRails - Rails Manager
Apache - full scale web server
Mongrel - little webserver for local use (replaces old webrick package)
Typo - our local domain name for testing and production
mysql - database server
mysqladmin - GUI for mysql server
phpmyadmin - another GUI/ programming interface for mysql server

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