Perl Facts

-Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
-Created by Larry Wall
-First released in 1987
-Intended to be a cross-platform application for mission critical applications
-GNU General public license
-Supported in all popular platforms and operating systems
-it is a high level language that speeds up development
-incorporates utilities from C, awk, sed, sh and other scripting as well as structured languages
-database integration support available with third party servers like Oracle, Sybase
-handles memory management internally
-interfaces with HTML, XML and other mark-up languages
-supports Unicode character representation
-interfaces with C, C++ library routines
-Perl Extensions by individuals are possible
-can be used in embedded systems

Buzz Words in Perl

CPAN = Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
mod-Perl = module allows integration with web servers
DBI = database integration interface module = HTML form handling module

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